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5630SMD Chips Features



5630SMD: (5.6*.3.0*0.9)
1) Warm whihte(2700-3500K) ---35-40lm
2) Natural white(4000-5000k)---40-50lm
3) Cool white(6000-7000K)-----50-55lm .
4) CRI: Ra>70 or 80
5) Current: 60-150mA

5630SMD Features :
1) 5630SMD, small size, the development direction of lamps are light, thin, small line, patch LED is thinner and more convenient design compared to other leds .
2) High brightness : 5630SMD could reach 45-55LM lamp
3) Low thermal resistance
4) wide viewing angle
5) low attenuation, low energy consumption
6) Antistatic ability, light uniformity
7) lead-free to meet environmental requirements
8) Excellent weather resistance temperature

5630SMD led lamp application:
1. indoor lighting: bulbs ,down lights, ceiling lights
2. commercial lighting display: advertising board
3. LCD backlight
4.decorative lighting: bar light
5. Automobile internal auxiliary lighting
6.other lighting and display