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New SMD LED Chips ,2835SMD Chips Features



2835SMD ( 2.8*3.5*0.8), 0.2w &0.5w
0.2W chip
1)Warm whihte(2700-3500K) ---20-22lm
2)Natural white(4000-5000k)---22-24lm
3)Cool white(6000-7000K)-----24-28lm .
4)CRI: Ra>70 or 80
5) Forward Current; 60mA

0.5W chip:
1)Warm whihte(2700-3500K) ---40-45lm
2)Natural white(4000-5000k)---45-50lm
3)Cool white(6000-7000K)-----50-55lm .
4)CRI: Ra>70 or 80
5) Forward Current; 150mA

2835SMD features:
1, Vertical structure: Direct chip conducting heat sink to improve the heat dissipation performance which can bear a large current (40-60mA)
2, Large heat sink: 2-3 times bigger than 3528 & 3014 SMD chips, excellent heat dissipation design, which guarantee better light decay and longer lifetime .;
3, Large emitting surface: to improve the rate of light up to 90%.
4, Thin structure: without lighting spot problem
5, High Luminous efficiency: 2-3 times higher luminous efficiency than 3528SMD and 3014SMD, luminous efficiency is up to 90-100LM / W;
6, Super stability: Low lighting decay materials, production processes is more mature and stable
7, High cost effective : to achieve the same luminous flux, 20% lower cost than 3528 & 3014SMD